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Bad Advice Show

Oct 27, 2017

Join us each week as two of America’s funniest standup comedians off you life changing advice. It might get you a new job, it might get you a…rrested. But your life will definitely be changed. Cerrome and Gordon explore the world of childhood scars, the unique treatment of dogs in country families, and public pool...

Oct 19, 2017

Gordon creates a new world, reveals the darker origins of Space Jam and tells us why he and Rihanna are the power couple are universe needs, but doesn't deserve. Fortunately, Beyoncé's mighty cleavage is all we need to save us all. Tune in as Cerrome and Gordon take on this, the seedy underbelly of Hollywood, and more!

Oct 12, 2017

Who was the first man to be fired from a yogurt company (not Cam Newton!)? How country is too country? Will Gordon find love (and a better faux accent) in New Orleans? The fellas tackle that and pay homage to the great state of New Jersey by celebrating its favorite pastime, this week.

Oct 5, 2017

Illicit escape routes, Ambers and Kevins bringing down society as we know it, and the search for DC's perfect taco are all covered this week. Also learn why the new monopoly sucks and how people can commit welfare fraud and live to tell the tale from the comfort of their own home. 

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